Nutrition – Dealing with symptoms and improving quality of life​

In the last few weeks, you’ve asked me many questions regarding gluten, mainly whether it needs to be eliminated from the diet. I want

How MS Might Affect Sexuality

Last week we discussed various sexual dysfunction prevalent among people with MS. This week I want to expand on the various factors that might

Talk! Share! Discuss!

Today, I would like to address the importance of communication with your partner. Maintaining an open communication channel is essential for healthy intimate relationships:

You Are Not Alone!

People who experience sexual dysfunction often feel embarrassed to discuss it. There are some difficulties experienced by both men and women with MS, such

Raise Awareness

• Be patient. I am not as quick as I used to be, it takes me longer to process what you just said and

MS Awareness Month​

On this MS Awareness MonthTogether we turn challenges into victories!Belong MS- always with you.

Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend Did you know that a specially trained four-legged friend known as a service dog, can possibly be one of the best

Is MS an Invisible Disease?

Invisible Disease: Your pain may be invisible. Your nerve damage may be invisible. Your symptoms may be invisible. But you are not ! Anyone

Multiple Sclerosis & Heat

Multiple Sclerosis & Heat It’s June already. Summer is just around the corner in the Northern hemisphere. Some people enjoy the spring colors. Others

Medication for Multiple Sclerosis

Treatments and Medication for Multiple Sclerosis Medication for multiple sclerosis is a complex issue. The treatments can be divided into several categories: medicines that

Biotin and MS

Extensive research has failed to prove biotin’s effectiveness. In the past, several studies indicated that high-dose biotin could improve the EDSS index. Biotin is


Do you sometimes feel that your body or a body part moves or shakes uncontrollably? If so, you are not alone. An ‘Intention tremor’


Is LDN a miraculous cure for multiple sclerosis? Low-dose Naltrexone is a controversial treatment. At the beginning of the last decade, and to some

Multiple Sclerosis – Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of MS depend on various factors such as the relevant affected nerves and the amount of nerve damage induced. They may

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

What is Multiple Sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a lifelong condition of the central nervous system (CNS), which includes the brain and spinal cord.

Multiple Sclerosis and Sexuality

Sexuality is a combination of various characters and viewpoints for every one of us. It may consist of being aware of our body as

Individual Journeys

”Multiple sclerosis signs and symptoms may differ greatly from person to person”- Mayo Clinic ”A first symptom of MS for one person may never

My Body is Rebelling Against Me

Who is afraid (in the days of Coronavirus) of MS? Who is afraid (in the days of Corona) of Multiple Sclerosis? by Roy Aloni,

Diagnosed with MS? Now what?

A Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis can be overwhelming, confusing and can raise numerous questions and concerns. Now what? Stress, anxiety and fear can be paralyzing,

The Use of Mice to Study Human Brain diseases

About mice, people, medicine, successes, and failures. The use of mouse models to try new drugs designed for humans is widespread in the scientific


Recently there were quite a few questions regarding nausea in various groups. We gathered tips and suggestions to help you deal with the queasiness

A Diet for People with MS?

I’d like to dedicate this article to a question many of you ask me in this group. Is there a diet for people with

About Covid Vaccines & You

The recent Covid 19 pandemic, that affected millions of people worldwide, has seen the development of vaccines at arecord speed. Currently (March 2021) there

Active lifestyle

Research from recent years has demonstrated that an active lifestyle increases the quality of life and vitality among people with multiple sclerosis. Anyone who

Alternative Medicine

Are you diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? Is it treated with drugs? Do you look for ways to improve your feeling and quality of life?

Anxiety & MS

Do you have anxious, racing thoughts? Do you feel as if you are stressing out from time to time, feeling depressed, out of control,

Stay active and avoid overheating

Last time we talked about the heat in general. This week we would like to approach the subject of physical activity when the temperature

Clinical Trials Matching

When coping with cancer, a clinical trial can sometimes be the best or the only way to receive cutting-edge medical treatment. Finding the relevant

In Sickness and in Health

By Lizzie Rubin, a certified sex therapist Usually, at the beginning of a relationship, couples have the best intentions. But what happens when something

Can MS Affect your Relationship?

By Lizzie Rubin, a certified sex therapist When MS diagnosis comes out of the blue, it is only natural to wonder how it will

Can Your Relationship Affect Your MS?

By Lizzie Rubin, a certified sex therapist Have you noticed that sometimes when you have relationship problems that cause you emotional distress, your MS

Brave Face? Fake Smile?

By Lizzie Rubin, a certified sex therapist Do I need to make others feel better? and a happy face? People with MS do it

Is This What I Signed Up For?

By Lizzie Rubin, a certified sex therapist As a partner to someone who lives with MS, you know that it is not a walk

MS & Couples Therapy

By Lizzie Rubin, a certified sex therapist In the last weeks, we’ve discussed the effects MS can have on relationships and vice versa. If

Physical Therapy & MS

By Michal Sakal, a physical therapist As a physical therapist working for years with people with MS, I recognize the importance of regular physical

Gait Problems

By Michal Sakal, a physical therapist As you probably know, walking difficulties are common among people with MS. Walking problems, like many other functions,

Spasticity & MS

By Michal Sakal, a physical therapist This painful and distressing symptom usually occurs when opposing muscle groups contract and relax simultaneously. Some people experience

Exercise & Sleep Quality

By Michal Sakal, a physical therapist Sleep problems are more prevalent among people with MS than in the general population. Research indicates that although

Physical Activity and Constipation

By Michal Sakal, a physical therapist Constipation is a common complaint among MS patients. Physical activity is one of the most effective lifestyle modifications

Drop Foot

By Michal Sakal, a physical therapist Drop foot is the inability to lift the front part of the foot while walking, causing the foot

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