Microaggressions in the workplace

A recently published study examined MS patients’ experience of microaggressions in their workplace

Microaggressions are subtle discrimination manifested in verbal or nonverbal negative behaviors towards a minority group of people.

Twenty-nine MS patients participated in focus groups during the trial.

It was found that:

  • Almost all participants experienced some form of microaggressions in their workplace.
  • Several microaggression themes emerged, including: pathologizing, assumption of disability status, second-class, lack of awareness, social distance, and denial.
  • Microaggressions were associated with stress and exacerbated the negative impact of uncertainty related to symptoms and job security
  • Support groups were the most popular coping strategy

These findings shed more light on the negative impact of microaggressions on people with MS and may promote tailored interventions.

For more info:

Microaggressions experienced by people with multiple sclerosis in the workplace: An exploratory study using Sue’s taxonomy

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