Driving Changes with MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) changes so many things in daily life, including the level of independence. And because of its symptoms, it affects for some of you the ability to drive.

MS can affect the ability to drive in many ways. Vision problems, cognitive impairment, numbness, and weakness in the body’s extremities can be experienced when driving.
These MS symptoms can make it difficult to control a vehicle. Since many of them can appear quickly, the unpredictability of these symptoms can also make it difficult to plan for them before driving.
If you experience difficulty because of MS, you can consider some options before giving up driving for good.

The vehicle can be altered with adaptive devices, such as:

  • Special knobs to ease steering
  • different mirrors to make it easier to see
  • hand controls for the gas and brakes.

To minimize my need to ask others for rides, you can also try to reduce many potential trips. For example, order groceries and other supplies online and have them delivered at home.
You can also take advantage of telehealth visits with doctors whenever possible. This remote option has increased in the past few years.

It is a reality that MS symptoms may eventually affect the ability to drive. It’s important to be honest with yourself, your medical team, and your loved ones about your symptoms and the different options you may have. Together, you can find a way to maintain your independence in the best way suitable for you/

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