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Today, I would like to address the importance of communication with your partner. Maintaining an open communication channel is essential for healthy intimate relationships: talk about the difficulties as soon as they arise and discuss with your partner the implications of a treatment or a symptom.

For example, when a woman experiences vaginal dryness, it is important not to suffer in silence. Since dryness can cause painful intercourse, if not discussed, the other party will not understand why the woman is not interested in having sex, leading to frustration and problems in the relationship. The woman, who experiences a decrease in sexual desire and a blow to her self-confidence, might experience distress and a diminished quality of life.

 Receiving a recommendation from your healthcare team for water-based lubricants can easily solve the problem.

If a man has problems reaching orgasm, you can discuss sexual fantasies, prolonged foreplay, oral sex, different positions, and introducing different sex toys.

Despite the embarrassment that sometimes accompanies intimate difficulties, it i

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