Multiple Sclerosis and Sexuality

Sexuality is a combination of various characters and viewpoints for every one of us. It may consist of being aware of our body as a source of pleasure, and the perception of ourselves as sexual beings. Sexuality is a source of warmth, closeness, and love. It is a basic need that every person wants to feel regardless of age or health condition. Many people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) have a hard time dealing with the subject of sexuality. They might have an even harder time raising the topic with the healthcare team due to embarrassment and the trepidation about the staff’s response to questions that are not purely medical. Moreover, partners may feel embarrassment and guilt for thinking about sexuality, which leads to avoiding the subject altogether.  The most common complaints among men with MS include the difficulty in achieving an erection and ejaculation issues. Among women with MS, the challenges might consist of pain during penetration, decreased ability to reach an orgasm, and more. 

Multiple Sclerosis can affect sexuality directly or indirectly, which may harm the quality of life. 

 Therefore, it is highly recommended to ask any question or bring forward any subject that bothers you. Sexual intervention should be conducted by a healthcare team with both sexual and MS knowledge, since the team needs to perform a thorough evaluation, including medical and emotional assessments. You are welcome to share your feelings and thoughts with us. Should you have any questions on sexuality & MS, please post your questions in the ‘Sexuality & MS’ group here in Belong.

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