Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

Did you know that a specially trained four-legged friend known as a service dog, can possibly be one of the best companions you have?

Service dogs can perform tasks you may not be able to complete due to limited mobility. They can help you perform tasks such as opening doors, picking up small things, turning light switches on and off, and even assist with balance issues. They provide loyalty and emotional support and might encourage you even to take a walk outside to enjoy some exercise and fresh air.

The good news is that service dogs are also allowed to enter public places like restaurants, supermarkets, and buses.

To benefit from a service dog, you may consider choosing a dog that you train yourself. However, specific organizations breed and train specific dogs specifically for assisting cancer patients.

Simply put, anyone can enrich their life with the presence of a loving, loyal service dog who only has one objective.

To help bring you closer to hope and healing.

Do you have a service dog? How does he help you daily?

The Belong Team

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