Top 5 Posts of 2023

We’re highlighting the top five posts on the BelongMS app this year for a special end-of-2023 celebration!

  • Number 5: Overly sweating while sleeping can really damper things when you’re trying to get some much-needed rest. One of our top discussions was on sleep hyperhidrosis and how it intersects with MS.
  • Number 4: An MS diagnosis comes with a lot of hard things to swallow – metaphorically and literally! In fourth place, we saw a conversation between users who had difficulties swallowing and their advice on how they dealt with it.
  • Number 3: Sometimes newly diagnosed patients feel shaky, but they should know they can always turn to BelongMS with their questions! In third place is an in-depth post full of tips for how MS users can manage while having leg spasms.
  • Number 2: So many new users took a shot at our app this year, and we’re grateful to all of them for their contributions! Second from the top this year was a post about Botox and how it can affect MS – for the better.
  • Number 1: Finally, we present our number one post from BelongMS users this year! Filled with enriching insights, lively debates, and discussions, this post delved into the intriguing connection between junk food and MS.

That wraps up our top five posts of 2023. We’ve seen discussions on so many topics, with medical experts, experienced contributors, and newly diagnosed patients all contributing to important conversations that make an impact. Join us next year and become part of the Belong community. Happy New Year!🌟🥂

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