Find Your Creative Expression

Allowing yourself time to adjust to treatment demands and any physical and emotional changes after an MS diagnosis takes time.

While processing and integrating all the new information, it is important to be kind to yourself by finding ways to express and release the built-up emotions creatively, even for those with less artistic talent.

Art in all forms allows one to release built-up emotions, which can contribute to a healthy sense of self.

The focus is on making the day meaningful, nurturing the balance and happiness in your life, and finding a positive outlet for emotions that can reward you with a better quality of life.

Some suggestions for creative expression may be found by:

Start the day with a positive morning affirmation by saying – Today will be a good day. This can energize you and help you find the motivation to go for a walk.

Why not try your hand at flower arranging, singing, writing a song, or keeping a journal to express your small victories and frustrations of the day? Expressing your feelings on paper may allow you a channel to access your inner voice.

It does not matter what form you choose to release your unique self-expression, it also does not have to be shared with others.

You may find, these small acts of creation contribute to making you feel good, release unwanted tension, and maybe, just maybe, you may find you have a hidden talent.

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