Nausea & MS

Recently there were quite a few questions regarding nausea in various groups. We gathered tips and suggestions to help you deal with the queasiness that can be very unpleasant and affect the quality of life. You should probably follow your body’s lead meal by meal, snack to snack.

Try frequently eating throughout the day, small healthy snacks and meals. Avoid hot or stuffy rooms and have enough fresh air. Some people find acupuncture, reflexology, or meditation very helpful, while others swear by anything ginger. You might want to try limiting alcohol consumption, hot beverages, and strong coffees. Other recommendations include:

  • Try bland foods such as white toast, crackers, clear broth, or plain yogurt.
  • Drink ice-cold water and sip slowly throughout the day.
  • Don’t eat rich fatty, fried, spicy, or overly sweet foods.
  • Eat cold foods (or at room temperature) rather than warm or hot. 

If nausea persists, talk about it with your doctor, who might recommend medications that can control and sometimes even prevent nausea.

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