Energy Conservation

By Tal Dagan, Occupational Therapist.

The feeling of fatigue is one of the main symptoms affecting the quality of life, affecting physical and cognitive function.

Fatigue amongst people with MS can appear suddenly or even after a good night’s sleep. It tends to increase during the day and affects the daily routine at home and work.

One of the difficulties with fatigue is being a ‘transparent symptom.’ Since people can’t see it, they have a harder time understanding and accepting it.

What can you do about it?

The body’s energy is limited, and you need to know how to utilize it properly to enable optimal daily functioning.

There are various techniques for conserving energy

For example:

Distributing tasks throughout the day while making sure to rest when needed.
It is also important to identify when you are more energized and utilize the time accordingly.
Organize your surroundings to reduce the amount of energy expended.
Perform physical activity regularly. In addition, there might be medications that can help you. Discuss it with your healthcare team.

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