The Power of Hope

Hope is an emotion that is typically achieved when one has accepted and come to terms with a specific situation, allowing for the vision of a new way of life and new possibilities that lie ahead.

Many believe that the power of hope and a positive attitude has the ability to help the body to proceed.

Hope is often discussed among Belongers who share tips and ideas on what helps them maintain a sense of hope. Here are some of the tips shared by Belongers within the various groups, that can build a sense of hope:

  • Plan your day and try to stick to a regular routine.
  • Keep doing as many of the activities you can.
  • Start a new mindfulness/relaxation regime such as yoga, journaling, and meditation.
  • Take short walks and try to spend some time in nature.
  • Allow yourself time to reflect on your religious or spiritual beliefs and personal values.
  • Find a mentor or read blogs written by MS warriors leading active lives.
  • Find activities that bring on a smile or help you to laugh.

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