About Us

Belong.Life is leading the charge in elevating patient engagement using conversational AI, big data and active patient communities.

Belong’s key solutions include the world’s largest social and professional networks for people living with cancer (Belong – Beating Cancer Together)   and multiple sclerosis (BelongMS), and the BelongAI health-grade patient engagement and support platforms (including Dave – Cancer Mentor, Tara for clinical trial matching and more) which utilize AI to proactively support and empower patients throughout their healthcare journey.

By enhancing patient education and providing 24/7 support, as well as access to relevant clinical trials, Belong is contributing to improved healthcare outcomes globally.

Belong.Life’s mission is to improve the quality of life and quality of care worldwide through technology, engagement, data, and AI.

Belong.Life offers social and professional engagement platforms that allow communities, patients, and their caregivers to connect, share information anonymously, and privately discuss issues related to their situation with medical professionals and the community. Users can also organize their medical documents in one place in a digital binder. Through machine learning and AI, the app personalizes content and suggestions according to each user’s preferences and needs.

Belong.Life follows strict international standards and regulations in order to protect privacy and keep your data safe. Our compliance & certifications: HIPAA, GDPR, ISO

Dave- AI oncology Mentor

Dave is Belong’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform which provides patients with empathetic and personalized answers to cancer-related questions and concerns. Dave is able to provide oncology-specific, precise, comprehensive, and empathetic answers to cancer patients’ challenges.

Belong – Beating Cancer Together: The First App

Unfortunately, cancer has affected family members of each of Belong’s founders. During their experiences as caregivers, they found it impossible to find reliable medical information or communities of people sharing their experiences. This was the catalyst in founding Belong.

Belong’s goal was to create an app that delivered a personalized experience for each user to support and manage the practical and emotional sides of fighting cancer. Today, Belong.Life’s first platform, Beating Cancer Together, is the world’s largest professional and social network for managing cancer.

Since the cancer app’s founding in 2016, Belong has broadened its impact through additional apps that serve other communities. These include BelongMS for people living with MS, BelongIBD (select countries) for people living with Crohn’s and colitis, BelongPsoriasis (select countries), CoronApp and Belong PEP, a specialized solution for providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies looking to engage with their patients.

Unsurprisingly, the platforms have seen increased growth during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many immunocompromised patients afraid to leave their homes and looking to connect with fellow patients and medical professionals without the risk of infection.

More than just an app

Belong.Life provides unprecedented insight into the patient journey. Real-world data is often sought, but hard to come by reliably and in large enough sample sizes. Belong can show, in a de-identified manner, how hundreds of thousands of patients are experiencing their treatment journeys in real life. It can analyze patient journeys and critical decision points, conduct surveys and provide competitive business intelligence. Belong.Life has shared valuable research for the global community for advocacies, patients, caregivers, health professionals, providers and pharma, which have been published in leading international publications such as ASCO, ESMO, and more. Belong.Life continue to help advance the current state of patient treatment with quality, real-world data.

Belong.Life’s apps serve as global social networks and disease navigation platforms, providing hyper-personalized information to support patients through their illness journeys. The apps include support groups, access to medical professionals, and additional navigation tools such as a medical binder to store and organize medical records in one place and a clinical trial matching service. The advanced mobile and desktop apps are powered by AI and machine learning algorithms to ensure the best support for its users.


In August 2021, Belong.Life launched i-Belong, a high-engagement platform which allows providers, health plans, advocacy groups and other health ecosystem players to easily build self-managed online patient communities. The company offers, in this SaaS solution, its technology, knowledge and platform software to tackle industry challenges, enabling healthcare organizations and NGOs to utilize Belong’s proprietary technology and vast experience to build new communities using a pay-as-you-grow subscription model.

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