Multiple Sclerosis & Heat

Multiple Sclerosis & Heat

It’s June already. Summer is just around the corner in the Northern hemisphere. Some people enjoy the spring colors. Others are excited that winter is finally over. At the same time, some people are anxious because of the upcoming hot weather days. Most people living with multiple sclerosis belong to the latter category since they resent the summer heat. They are sensitive and intolerant to hot weather that, in most cases, might exacerbates MS symptoms.Once the outside temperature rise, people living with MS who spend time outside in the heat, might feel more fatigued, numb or even confused. They might also experience imbalance, trembling, weakness or blurry vision. The good news is that these symptoms are usually temporary and disappear once the body is cooled down. The first and most essential step in order to prevent these symptoms is to try and avoid overheating, which varies from one person to another. As the hot weather approaches, people living with MS might want to restructure their activities, outings and social schedule accordingly. In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to discuss the summer heat and what can be done to stay one step ahead. If you have tips, advices, and anything else that might assist others in this group to better handle the summer heat or to better partake in some fun summer activities, please share it with our BelongMS community. 

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