The Best Training Program

By Michal Sakal, certified occupational therapist.

I am often asked what the preferred training program is. My answer is the same either for people with or without MS: choose an exercise program that will help you stick with it over time!

The challenges of multiple sclerosis are unique and therefore the training program must meet the unique needs of each and every one.

Functional exercises can be especially helpful for people with MS. For example, if someone has difficulty sitting down and getting up from the toilet, exercises that strengthen the gluteal and quadriceps muscles and work on the flexibility of the calf muscles can help improve, maintain or optimize the ability to perform this task.

It is recommended to consult with a physical therapist who understands MS to build a training program with exercises in order to achieve each person’s unique goals. The physical therapist will identify the physical strengths and the areas that need improvement. At the introductory meeting, it is recommended to report to the therapist all symptoms and challenges, including difficulties in walking, balance, decreased strength, flexibility, and more.

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