Physical Activity and Constipation

By Michal Sakal, a physical therapist.

Constipation is a common complaint among MS patients. Physical activity is one of the most effective lifestyle modifications you can make for helping to loosen your bowels and keeping regular.

Exercise helps by reducing the time it takes food to move through the large intestine, thus, limits the volume of water the body absorbs from the stool. It prevents stool from becoming hard and dry, which is more difficult to pass. In addition, staying active is vital for relieving stress, a significant risk factor for chronic constipation.

Cardio activities that get the blood pumping can help with constipation: walking, dancing, swimming, or cycling, can keep the digestive tract healthy. But it’s not just about cardio: stretching and yoga may also help ease constipation. Specific yoga poses such as twisting and crunching the stomach muscles, massage the digestive tract and help move stool through the intestines.

Performing pelvic floor exercises might be beneficial as well. It can help you can build up strength and help push stool through the colon easier and quicker.

As with any other MS symptom, finding a solution that works might require some trial and error.

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