AI Bridges Multiple Sclerosis Patients to Relevant Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a significant milestone in the development of innovative drugs and therapies for people diagnosed with different medical conditions including multiple sclerosis (MS). Many clinical trials are taking place around the world to find and improve treatments and symptom management for MS patients, and many new drugs have been introduced into MS clinical trials over the last decade, giving patients more options for participation. But unfortunately, there is still much to be improved.

The world of MS has a much lower level of awareness of clinical trials, despite the variety of options available. Technology can narrow this gap, making research more accessible to people who are coping with MS. Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a type of research study that compares the effects of new health interventions on people. These are most commonly new drugs or treatments. However, they may also examine the effects of other health interventions such as diagnostic methods, surgeries or procedures and technological devices.

There are several types of MS-specific clinical trials – those that aim at finding drugs to improve the progressive neurological damage caused by MS, and those that focus on the numerous other symptoms, such as fatigue. Some clinical trials are designed to alleviate symptoms, while others are to shorten the rate and occurrence of relapses and the intensity of them.
Clinical trials are investigating many options and strategies to help patients cope with MS, but how can patients figure out which clinical trial is most relevant to them? How can they access and navigate all the information? There are numerous challenges to overcome in the clinical trial matching world, and the first step is to acknowledge what they are.

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