MS Resources You Can Trust

It has become common for false or misleading information to be found on the internet regarding MS.
MS and other health information should come from a trusted, credible source, like government agencies, hospitals, and universities, which can provide evidence-based information and sources you can trust.
There are so many websites with MS information that it can be hard to know which ones to trust.

Find trustworthy websites:
Ask the following questions to know if the content is credible:

  • Who manages this information? The person or group publishing health information should be easy to

find somewhere on the page.

  • What is the original source of the information that they have posted? If the information was initially published in a research journal or a book, they should say which one(s) so that you can find it.
  • What’s the purpose of the publication? Is it only informative, or is it intended to sell you something?
    Only share personal information once you understand the policies and you are comfortable with any risk involved in sharing your information online.

MS patients’ stories:
It’s common for users to post their experiences with MS. But remember that everyone is different. Even someone with the same kind of MS has a different body and health history from you. Be very careful with taking recommendations for treatment or medicines from someone other than your medical team.

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